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    The world is not without good people

    Laba accident

    The bride traditionally threw a bouquet of flowers into the water of the river Laba near the Labinsk in Krasnodar region. – We rushed to the railing of the bridge to see how the flowers have fallen after Evgeniy threw a bouquet into the water, – said wedding cameraman Boris Karpeshin. – Then I heard someone screaming: “Help! Help!”. We […]

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    Unsuccessful stunt’s jump in Moscow


    The tragedy almost ended the jump of the stuntman from an arrow of a tower crane in the south of Moscow during the filming of a feature film. The events described took place last Saturday on March 11 at the construction site on Avtozavodskaya street. The film crew was given permission to perform the tricks […]

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    10 interesting facts about Siberia


    Siberia covers most of the territory of Russia. The geographic area of ​​Siberia is 9.8 million km² (about 57% of the territory of Russia). For comparison: Canada’s area is 9.9 million km². The deepest lake on the planet is located in Siberia. This is the largest natural reservoir of fresh water, the surface area of […]

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    Young man knocked out opponents in a street fight in Vladivostok

    Street fight in Vladivostok

    A mass brawl involving young people took place on the early morning of March 11 near the bar “Rocks” in Vladivostok. The registrar, installed in the car of a random eyewitness, captured how two groups of young people had converged on the sidewalk. After a brief conversation, one of the participants in the “meeting” dealt […]

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    Mass hassle on MMA Championship in Dagestan

    Mixed Martial arts

    Mass brawl occurred during the MMA open championship in Makhachkala. The cause of the conflict was the behavior of one of the athletes. According to eyewitnesses, after the end of the second round, the Dagestani fighter Aziz Jumaniyazov kicked his rival Vladimir Mineev, who rose and struck the opponent. The behavior of Mineev seemed unsportsmanlike to […]

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