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[Video] Two people were killed in Moscow

November 3, 2019 /Accidents/Criminal

Two people were killed in an attack on the street of Academician Anokhin in Moscow. They were shot by an unknown man with a pistol.

Witnesses remembered that the killer was brought to the scene of the attempt by car. The offender was wearing a red jacket. Before escaping, the killer finishes them with control shots to the head.

The head of the center for combating extremism in the Republic of Ingushetia, Ibrahim Elgerkiev, was killed. He and a relative were shot in the west of Moscow in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAcademician Anokhin Street. Everything happened in the courtyard of one of the high-rise buildings. After that, the attackers quickly got into the car and drove away. There were three shooters in total.

Murder in Moscow

The crime scene is cordoned off. Interception plan introduced in the city

They have already encroached on a high-ranking security official – so in January of this year, Eldzharkiyev was attacked near Magas airport. Criminals shot his car, but the man was not injured.


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