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March 23, 2017 /Accidents/Criminal

The bride traditionally threw a bouquet of flowers into the water of the river Laba near the Labinsk in Krasnodar region.

– We rushed to the railing of the bridge to see how the flowers have fallen after Evgeniy threw a bouquet into the water, – said wedding cameraman Boris Karpeshin. – Then I heard someone screaming: “Help! Help!”. We saw floundering man and a girl of nine years just in few meters from the bridge near the ice hole. The man managed to push a child on the ice. He desperately clung to the ice edge, which broke under his hands. He cried to daughter “Get away!”

Girl rushed along the shore in horror not knowing how to help a drowning father. The child began to call company at the bridge for help. The guests rushed to the drowning. Together the young people managed to get out of the water 36-year-old man. Catching his breath rescued he said that he decided to take a walk with her daughter along the river. The girl began to play and accidentally fell into the icy water. The father rushed to help her but the fragile ice has not sustained its weight, and the man fell himself.

– We have not even asked his name – said Boris Karpeshin – We poured his vodka and driven home.


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