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Assad family bought 19 apartments in Moscow City

November 12, 2019 /Foreign Affairs

Relatives of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in different years bought at least 19 apartments in residential complexes on the territory of Moscow City, 18 of them in the City of Capitals complex, and another in the Federation Tower. Real estate is valued at $ 40 million.

According to documents, family members of the Syrian leader purchased property from 2013 to June this year. 13 objects are directly owned by Assad’s cousin Hafiz Mahlouf or companies controlled by him. Two more are the wife of Assad’s other cousin, Rami Makhluf, an influential Syrian businessman. At least four premises are used as housing, one of these objects is owned by the twin brothers Ihab and Iyad Makhlufa, also Assad’s cousins.

In 2015, Hafiz Makhluf also bought a three-room apartment a few minutes drive from the “City of Capitals”.

For transactions, offshore companies were mainly used, on which real estate was officially recorded.


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