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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare aroused the anger of gamers in the Russian Federation

October 30, 2019 /Foreign Affairs

Last Friday, the United States released a new part of the popular computer game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Many were looking forward to the new product, including in Russia. However, as a result, Russian gamers harshly criticized the developers.

The thing is that the whole plot of the game is built on anti-Russian propaganda. The creators offer players to immerse themselves in the Syrian conflict of 2019. The developers dedicated the entire campaign of gray morality and made each mission in the propaganda spirit of “NO RUSSIA”. One of the main characters is a Russian general who has gone too far in the fight against the terrorist threat and has invaded a fictional Middle Eastern state. In one episode, soldiers in the uniform of the RF Armed Forces naturally hang local residents on a construction crane in revenge for the death of their colleagues. The rating of the new Call of Duty hit the popular resource Despite the fact that experts praised Modern Warfare, shooter fans did not agree with them.


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