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How to hand made Alien (Xenomorph): step-by-step guide from Russia

October 30, 2019 /Social

“Today, do it yourself ©” we will stir up Alien. This is “Alien” from the 1979 film of the same name.

Any trash and junk will mainly help our work. So, we can say that the sculpture will be budgetary. Except for mounting foam and paint.

Let’s start, as usual with the skeleton (frame). In our case, they are the old water pipes, and a thick steel bar.

It was necessary to buy more than one foam and paint. In addition, a PVC sewer pipe with a diameter of 100 mm is useful to us. And also a bottle from a cooler. We attach to the backbone. A creature’s pelvis and hips loom.

The tail will be formed from five bottles. With spikes, yeah.

Build muscle.

The case of an old vacuum cleaner will still serve!

Typically, toys are sent to landfill. But not in our case! We are still using this car. We will cut its frame along.

It will play the role of a monster’s pelvic bones. We fix in place. The wire and screws are used.

We hang little by little any more “meat”.

An old computer speaker will do the trick too. It will be a transition from the tail to the spine. In addition, it’s time for foam.

Lower limb belt and tail formed

We work on graceful legs

In the meantime, we estimate the basis for the torso

Well, the bottom is almost ready.

View from a different angle

How to implement a tail tip? The idea came to adapt a piece of hand braid for this business, but it turned out that he was lost somewhere. I had to saw a broken bumper from the car. By the way, the thick plastic bumper subsequently came in handy more than once!

Hurrah! The bottom is all ready! Looking ahead, I will say that I was in a hurry with the construction of large-sized parts of the creature, while there was still good autumn weather. For such a cuttlefish would not fit into any of my sheds, and before the rains and snow it was necessary to create the foundation and have time to paint.

The torso and head will be separate units, they can be sculpted in any room, without fear of inclement weather. Slowly I proceed to the belt of the upper limbs.

I never threw out paint and foam cylinders. As if he knew they were useful. There were a lot of them, and more than enough. Here they will become ribs, and corrugated trachea on the back of the belly.

So there are only two photos on the torso. I think the imagination will tell you what was done and how!

With the help of improvised materials, the body is assembled!


Having collected the base for the head on the street from buckets and beer kegs, I will leave with her in a closed and warm room, where no one will have access. You can calmly sculpt.

The jaw will be from the remnants of the above vacuum cleaner.

You can set the desired angle of inclination of the jaw.

We mount a retractable jaw in advance, and a neck mount

Something like this…

Slowly form the mouth.

Old hair clips and needles from droppers. It would seem – such a healthy monster, and such tiny elements – are they appropriate? And how! This is for a dynamic jaw!

Add the corrugated hoses and the remaining neck of the cans

Inflate the back of the head with foam

Nice! Still need to add small details ….

This is the first snow. The monthly norm fell out immediately. But we managed to! Yes!

Even drooling made of glue for realism!

Concrete pedestals with embedded steel hinges were poured in advance. As in concrete goods for carrying by crane. On the feet, corresponding hooks were also provided in advance.

Install the handsome …

Strangers, like monsters, have impressed me since childhood. From the first viewing. And so they lived quietly in the dark corners of the subconscious. And now the hour has struck!

Here the back is more detailed. With the above corrugated trachea. They are hollow, and in windy weather, as planned, should howl.

Thanks to all! We flew in!

By СталкерЛунь 


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